Escalope of frozen goose foie gras

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Frozen goose foie gras cutlets
Size: 70 g (or-10 g).
15 slices per bag.
Zipped bag of about 1 kg.
Origin Hungary only.

France or Hungary: the other country of foie gras! All farmed geese are derived from the crossing of two species: wild goose goose and wild goose. They are bigger than their wild ancestors. The main differences between Hungary and France come from goose strains. The feeding and rearing times of these animals are then different and more important for the strain that is found in France. Whether in Hungary or France, this breeding remains very traditional: breeding in collective park, feeding corn grain, importance of the role of the gaveur …
Namely: Hungary is the largest producer of goose foie gras.
French production covers less than a third of the needs of the market.

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