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La Maison Masse has over 130 years of expertise based on our independent selection of the best from each production area, the total respect of each animal’s specific requirements, the specific care devoted to the breeding and feeding types and time criteria, the high precision chilling and deep-freezing processes.

Each day in our four laboratories, our assistants, all trained in-house, select and prepare the product in line with the requirements of your recipe.

Our ducks are from France and Bulgaria, they all have an export certificate to ship overseas and are regularly controlled by a veterinary.

Our range of products includes :

  • Frozen Foie Gras raviole
  • Frozen escalopes of raw duck foie gras, sized and pre-sliced in 20g, 50g and 70g.
  • Fresh flat de-veined in vacuum packed
  • Fresh de-veined an moulded, fixed weight (500g)
  • Fresh de-veined in zipped bags

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