White Alba Truffle

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Truffle: Maison Masse origin

Pierre-Achille Masse, Frédéric’s great grandfather, began his career as a borker in fresh truffles. In 1884, he moved to Paris. Today, the Maison MASSE is still deeply committed to truffles. Every season, you can find the fresh truffle which corresponds to your needs: Uncinatum, Aestivum, Melanosporum as well aws the prestigious Alba white truffle.  Our truffles are washed, brushed, stored and graded, according to your needs.

White Alba Truffle: Tuber Magnatum

Renow but rare, this truffle is harvested in the Piemont, in Italy, in the region of Alba.

It has a very strong aroma of garlic but does not match with foie gras.

In contrast, it is delicious raw and served at the last minute.

Generally available from October to December.

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