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  • Farm Pigeons Blue White Heart by 8 The BBC approach was born in France and is present in 12 countries, and brings together 5000 committed farmers (from the producer of flax to the scientific controls ..) This recognized nutrition sector is a concept of healthy agriculture ! The pigeons help to rebalance our daily diet including omega 3. It is also softer, tastier, more melting. The chair is lean in cholesterol, low in calories, rich in hell and high in dopamine. These well-cared animals feed the man well!
  • Royal squab by 4 or 8 For centuries, the youngsters were reserved for the royal tables. Until the revolution and the abolition of privileges, the breeding of young pigeons constituted an exclusive seigniorial right.
  • Baron of squab, exclusive Masse per 2 pieces 260 / 280g the package

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