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Lucedio Abbey has been found in 1123 by Cistercian monks on the “Via Francigena”, the abbey has been the cause of Italian dynasties’ quarrels. As a family company, it is today the property of the Countess Rosetta Clara Cavalli d’Olivola Salvadori di Wiesenhoff. The cultivated rices of the 500 hectares of the Principato di Luciedo are renown across the world and the result of a long experience. Located in a national park in the center of the Piemont, all the production cycle uses technics that have a very low impat on the environment.

Carnaroli Long White Rice – 1Kg or 5Kg
Arborio Rice – 1Kg or 5Kg
Baldo Rice – 1Kg
Vialone Nano Rice – 1Kg
Venere Whole Grain Rice – 1Kg
Red Ermes Whole Grain Rice – 1Kg
Basmati Rice – 1Kg

Cannelli Bean – 500g
Borlotti di Saluggia Bean – 500g
Italian Moutains Lentils – 500g
Chickpea – 500g
Spelt – 500g

Rice Flour – 1Kg
Venere Whole Grain Rice Flour – 500g
Yellow corn Flour – 1Kg
White Corn Flour – 1Kg
Taragna Flour (Buckwheat and Corn) – 1Kg


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